With 20 years of experience as a leader of projects and special assignments in a wide range of industries, I am a creative and reliable manager who knows how to achieve goals within a defined scope, budget and timing.
I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Mark Schumacher
Consultant, Transition
& Project Manager

User references

The skills of my TOOLBOX have been appreciated by many prestigious clients who entrusted me with their missions.

Lomb Art AG
MCI Group
Patrizzi & Co Auctioneers
Switzerland Tourism


Welcome! Open my TOOLBOX, where you will find professional management and marketing tools for developing strategy, operational management and implementing marketing and sales projects.

Change doesn’t happen on its own. To get the right results, the process must be skilfully managed so that it is understood, accepted and implemented. The key to success is using proven tools tailored to your situation.

My Management & Marketing TOOLBOX contains tools to help you create, implement and communicate about the new products or services needed to ensure the growth of your business.